OMO illustrates colourful custom for Tet

Unilever laundry detergent brand OMO and Lowe have brought a traditional Tet tale into the modern day for their 2014 Vietnamese New Year campaign. The work also aims to offer moms a springboard to teach their children good values, using Tet as an inspiration.

The TVC airs in Vietnam throughout the festival lead-up, and is supported by outdoor advertising. The work was created by Lowe’s Asia Pacific teams, led from Singapore. OMO is one of Unilever’s detergent brands which carry the global ‘Dirt is Good’ message.

The TVC, titled Watching Me, Watching You, uses one of the festival’s many colourful customs: paying homage to the Kitchen Gods. In this tradition, a goldfish is bought for the family altar and later released into freedom, where it will carry the Kitchen Gods to report to the God of Heaven. If the report on the family is good, it ensures good fortune for the coming year.

Watch the video here:

OMO’s campaign translates this story into the modern day. After his mom tells him that the fish will watch and relay his deeds, a young boy goes about doing good turns for his neighbours – helpful acts which we also observe from the viewpoint of his watery friend. At the end of the reel, even after the fish has been released, the little boy has learned, and continues to do good turns.

Aseem Puri, regional brand director, Unilever explains: “Tet is a very special family time of year in Vietnam and we wanted a campaign that added a little more value for our audience than simple celebrations. This is a happy illustration of a traditional Tet tale, but we hope it also might provide a helpful tool for parents to build bigger lessons with their children, using Tet as a basis.”

Srija Chatterjee, regional business director, Lowe Singapore added: “This campaign also carries OMO’s over-arching message that ‘Dirt is Good’. It doesn’t matter if your child gets dirty clothes, if he has the freedom to get out there, play and learn. It is OMO’s job to manage the dirt – leaving mom and dad to get on with the important role of parenting.”

Lowe leads global work for ‘Dirt is Good’ from its offices in Singapore.