Omnifluence offers a contingency plan

Business consultancy Omnifluence has launched its social crisis communications program today, called The Contingency Plan.

With the needs of organisations in mind, the consultancy delivers customisable programs, which includes in-depth workshops on social crisis communications and realistic simulated scenarios.

Specifically, the program’s methodology called The Open Grill, allows organisations to be better prepared in handling a variety of potential incidents and issues. The programme lets clients identify processes for organisation-specific crisis management framework; identify gaps and capabilities in existing organisation processes or structure and provide management tools to help organisations govern and empower employees when communicating on social networks .

"It’s not that organisations aren’t intelligent enough to respond clearly and logically to concerns from the public. What organisations need today is the chance to develop their ability to think and perform through that the state of urgency and stress during a crisis,” Adrian Koh (pictured), partner at Omnifluence and lead trainer said.