Old Town White Coffee transforms MTR into virtual café

The 14 year-old Old Town White Coffee group has hit Hong Kong MTR with some overwhelming wrap-ups to stimulate audiences’ sense of both visual and smell.

Created by its creative partner SPIN Communications Malaysia and Maxus Hong Kong, the campaign aims to dominated both the southern and northern concourses of MTR Kowloon Tong Station and Sha Tin Station with visuals of old Ipoh street views in Malaysia, the place where its iconic product white coffee originated from.

In order to build a more a realistic ambiance, air sprayer was used to spread aromatic coffee scent around the MTR dominations.

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Maxus Hong Kong planning manager Scotty Ho said the branding campaign was born amid fast developing coffee culture and escalating competition in Hong Kong's growing coffee market.

“The coffee business is growing rapidly in Hong Kong and so as the competition between coffee providers. Three years on since the last brand campaign in 2010, this eye-catching placement aims to consolidate the brand identity as the only brand to provide true white coffee under the spotlight of its heritage,” Ho said.

The campaign also includes advertorials on print media including Metropop to provide deeper company background and brand concept.

“Its white coffee provider positioning is supported by three main strengths expressed via the campaign including the highlights of its origin Ipoh, unique ingredients as well as the intricate coffee preparation process.

The MTR dominations is an ideal way to resent the idea neat and tidy to consumer, supporting by additional information on print,” she added.

All ads will run until late December.