Olay's new campaign asks “Is age the only number that defines a woman?”

For International Women’s Day, Olay has launched a campaign, championing the belief that what defines a woman 's age is not her number of years spent on earth, but the content of her fearless stories. It featured a number of KOLs and celebrities to share their stories.

To start the campaign, Olay began by changing the “ages” of supporting celebrities on Baidu Encyclopedia (China’s equivalent of Wikipedia), and replaced them with a number that represents her fearless story or achievement, aiming to encourage women not to be defined by age.

OLAY invited supporting celebrities and 18 key opinion leaders to share their own number and inspiring stories as well as to generate momentum on social media.

Olay also produced two videos for the campaign. For the first one, model Chiling Lam interviewed Chinese KOLs Granny Huang. Both share the number 30. Both defied the limitation of age to pursue their own beliefs – Lam for taking on 30 different roles in life, and Grandma Huang because she has walked on 30 catwalk runways. She didn’t let retirement and people’s scepticism stop her from shining on a stage she calls her own.

The second ad features Victoria Song and Alu. Both are 9 this year. For Alu, she spent 9 years learning hip-hop, jumping from the streets of Chengdu to finally appearing on the world stage. Even though as most people age, their passion for dance may slowly wane, Alu still dances to the beat of her own drums, chasing her dream against all odds to be a world-class hip hop dancer.

Published on Olay’s H5 site, each story shared serves as motivation for the public to take part and share their own achievements. OLAY will collect all of these real stories and publish an encyclopedia.



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