Ogilvy PR zooms in on B2B companies

Global - Ogilvy Public Relations has launched a global digital influence service for B2B brands aiming to service communications needs across digital and social media.

The Digital Influence for B2B service aims to help B2B professionals understand changes that occurred in the B2B purchase cycle.

The new service is led by a global team.

John Bell, global managing director at Social@Ogilvy, said B2B buyers now seek information, opinions and the experiences of others before they initiate contact with sales teams.

"With today's B2B buyer journey, it is critical that communications, sales and marketing come together and use innovative social practices to build profitable customer relationships," Bell added.

According to Sara Pereira, technology practice director at Ogilvy Public Relations Singapore, countries in Asia are among the top social media nations in world and this has an impact on the B2B buying cycle.

"By auditing and leveraging on every asset (the company) has, the Ogilvy B2B Digital Influence offering ensures that brands can own an authentic point of view, grounded by research and echoed by influencers in both the virtual and physical worlds," Pereira said.