Ocean Park "VR-gearing" up for Halloween Fest

With just one more month to go before Halloween, Ocean Park, one of the largest amusement parks in the region, is once again gearing up for some frightful fun.

This year, the park is trying a new marketing approach to engage its customers with the use of 360 degree video and VR technology. Starring Helena Law, a local actress known for her roles in horror movies, Ocean Park's latest 360 degree video released online bring viewers into a haunted school.

The theme park advises audiences to play the video with headphones - if you dare!

In the video, Law acts as the principal of the haunted school and helps the viewer “get out”. Launched on September 18th, it has generated over 691k views, 7.4k likes, 2.9k comments and 15,090 shares in 10 days' time, resulting in a 12% engagement rate.

Representatives from Ocean Park said they were bringing in the technology with an attempt to surprise its audiences, "Hong Kong people are ever-curious about new things. We would love to bring in new elements for some new impacts."

To further enhance the 360 degree video experience, the park will also cooperate with Samsung VR gear for a haunted school bus tour in October, and offer audiences an experience of their 360 video in the gear at their truck. More details will be revealed shortly.

The latest TVC will also be in line with the new approach, as it consists of a number of POV (point-of-view) shots.