Ocean Park cancels 2019 Halloween Fest in face of strike action by staff

Ocean Park has decided to cancel tonight's?Halloween Fest, seemingly in response to concerns of potential strike action.

It's been reported that staff members at the amusement park had planned to go on strike today as Ocean Park's management had required amendments to the script of the park's annual HELL-TV's Anniversary Supershow stage play.?Ocean Park has previously described the event as a?show featuring "gags based on current affairs and hot topics as well as a range of celebrated international performers."

However, following criticism levelled at the park by a selection of netizens over the script's inclusion of recent political issues - related to the city's ongoing protests - the park's management chose to amend the script and remove these elements. This resulted in a backlash from several park employees who were offended by the edits and stated their intention to go on strike for Halloween.

The poster calling for a strike reads: All employees go on strike. We object the Park's decision to hinder the freedom of expression and creation, and we are dissatisfied with its disrespect to performers.

Ocean Park has responded to the strike plans by cancelling the event. In a statement, Ocean Park said "all the programmes and attractions with innovative design solely aim [sic] at providing greatest fun and entertainment to the visitors."

A park spokesperson added, "In view of the current social situation and consideration of various comments, plus the possibility of public events at different areas of Hong Kong Island; upon thorough considerations and putting the safety of our visitors and staff as our top priority, Ocean Park has decided to cancel the Halloween Fest. The park has already informed concerned staff on this decision."