OCBC makes a huge marketing push for MoneyMonday

OCBC Bank has launched a financial insights platform OCBC MoneyMonday to bring OCBC Wealth Panel's views and insights to readers on Mondays.

The new e-initiative hopes to provide relevant information for consumers to grow their wealth. The platform also aims to raise the profile of OCBC Premier Banking and showcase the expertise of its Wealth Panel.

A video has been uploaded on the bank’s YouTube channel to introduce the platform’s offerings:



The platform is being amplified to its existing OCBC Premier Banking customers through various direct marketing channels as well as through its relationship managers. OCBC has also launched an online campaign that involves social amplification and content marketing, including display banners across premium news and finance sites.

The information shared on the site combines a guide to OCBC's investment views for the week, along with selected ideas on equities, bonds and mutual funds backed by the views of the OCBC Wealth Panel.

It also contains a Twitter feed with tweets from the OCBC Wealth Panel (@ocbcwealthpanel), to give audience up-to-date daily information with market views and equity calls backed by data from OCBC Investment Research.

OCBC MoneyMonday targets affluent customers who seek investment advice in Singapore.This includes new investors looking for investment ideas and guidance, as well as  investors who want a second opinion on the market and specific asset classes.

Other marketing efforts from the bank include a 10-part sponsored series in The Sunday Times showcasing the OCBC Wealth Panel and their perspectives on the various investment asset classes and the market outlook for 2016. "Our research also highlights the high interest our target customers have in investment-related content featured in The Sunday Times Invest section. We have thus extended the content of the 10-part sponsored series to OCBC MoneyMonday and to materials available at all 14 OCBC Premier Centres," Goh Theng Kiat (pictured), chief marketing officer, OCBC, told Marketing.

"Sharing our research and expert perspectives in a timely way enables us to enrich the relationship and experience our customers have with OCBC Premier Banking.  Beyond our customers, we’ve also found that persons with an interest in investments have also resonated with the insights from our Wealth experts. OCBC MoneyMonday allows us to provide real-time information to our customers, thus adding value by empowering them with wealth management knowledge."

Currently, wealth advisory is available through the OCBC Premier Banking relationship managers as well as at the 14 OCBC Premier Centres across Singapore.

“With the dawn of the digital age, it is important that we ensure our customers can access information easily on their digital devices. OCBC MoneyMonday is a source of knowledge and information that customers can access online in an easy-to-read package, keeping them up-to-date and helping them to make sense of market information. We believe this will enable them to take a step closer to managing and growing their wealth,” Goh said.