OCBC launches banking app with biometric authentication

OCBC Bank is launching a business banking mobile app that uses biometric authentication and enables smartphone users to perform tasks at the touch of a finger. Customers can view balance for business accounts, including current accounts and time deposits. They can also check the status of incoming and outgoing funds and view business debit card transactions.

The new app, featuring OCBC OneTouch which leverages Apple’s Touch ID technology, will allow Singapore-registered users of the Bank’s business internet banking portal, Velocity@ocbc, to access their account balances and transactional activities using fingerprint recognition.

Gregory Trotter, head of cash management, Global Transaction  Banking, OCBC Bank said the banks studies show a 30% increase in the number of calls from customers inquiring about their business account information in the last three years.

Trotter said: “In this increasingly fast-paced business world, people are always on the move and they want immediate access to information, and that is why the mobile phone has become an indispensable gadget for business owners. With banking information at their fingertips, this new OCBC app will empower business owners to make decisions on the go.”