OCBC Bank banks big on 'Simply spot on' brand promise with 3 new campaigns


Building on its brand promise of being "Simply spot on", OCBC Bank has unveiled new integrated marketing campaigns.

In an effort to bring a different take to financial planning under the bank’s OCBC Life Goals programme, the first campaign takes a light-hearted humourous approach in staying true to one's promise for the future with two video executions. Featuring three friends on a fishing trip, the first video captures a fish caught by the gentlemen, starts grilling them about retirement plans before jumping right off the boat and back into the river.

The second video also has a similar approach, but this time with a talking baby. A new dad promises his kid that he will ensure the kid gets to be anything he/she wants to be. To which, the baby starts talking and asks about the dad's savings plan. This campaign follows OCBC's 2018 Life Goals campaign that featured Singaporean household name Gurmit Singh. The agency behind the campaigns is GOVT.

GOVT's creative director Steve Kyriakou said instead of an emotional route, the team worked with OCBC on a different approach. "Whoever thought we'd see a bank ad starring a talking fish, or a personal financial consultant pulling King Arthur's Excalibur out of a rock while surrounded by a party of characters right out of Dungeons and Dragons?” he added.

GREATAssure Endowment Insurance (GAEI)

Meanwhile, OCBC also launched a GREATAssure Endowment Insurance (GAEI) campaign, that aims to show how an endowment plan with "attractive" rates can be both safe and interesting at the same time. In a series of short videos, the endowment plan is showcases in different scenarios.

The video on "Art Gallery" says consumers can paint themselves a financially secure picture, while the one on "Drama" asks consumers to get into the act, and the "Table Tennis" example says consumers can bounce their money worries away with OCBC's endowment plans.

Yvonne Low, head of marketing, for OCBC Bank's consumer financial services division, said GOVT took a key customer insight and brought what is perceived as “boring” category to life with the “Safe but interesting” endowment campaign. "The campaign not only keeps the key customer value proposition at the centre of the message, but does it in a way that breaks through the clutter, yet relatable to the target audience," she added.


The third campaign by OCBC Bank and GOVT Singapore banks on being "Unstoppable". The videos revolve around enabling customers to attain the best via the OCBC’s various digital solutions. The integrated campaign consists of a series of video, digital, social, outdoor and print touchpoints.

OCBC's Low said the digital brand campaign is about the customers and describes the benefits which customers experience when using OCBC’s digital solutions. "The campaign brings to life our promise to our customers on how we want to enable them with a suite of financial tools and digital services that will empower them to ‘Be Unstoppable, today and tomorrow'," she added

Tim Chan, ECD of GOVT Singapore said having worked with the bank for almost three years now, this has been a long time coming. "Best of all, the bank has tangible products and solutions ready today that backs up the bank’s vision — to help customers achieve their financial aspirations. So it’s not just a pipedream. The entire team is excited to build on Unstoppable for years to come,” he added.