oBike secures US$45 million in series B funding

oBike has secured US$45 million in series B funding, with investors including venture capital firm Grishin Robotics. With the latest round of funding, the company hopes to expand globally to "empower commuters with flexibility and convenience", according to Edward Chen, CMO and co-founder of oBike.

“oBike was founded with the vision of transforming how people in urban Singapore travel using technology. users can now travel conveniently—especially for first- and last- mile commuting—via bicycles located all over the island,” Chen said.

“This vision has been realised and we aim to bring our success story in Singapore to other parts of the world with this round of funding. We hope to empower commuters globally with flexibility, convenience while helping them reduce their carbon footprint at the same time," he added.

Marketing has reached out to oBike on how the funds will be used for its marketing initiatives.

Launched in Singapore in January this year, the station-less smart bike-sharing company has expanded its operations to over 10 countries such as Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia and the United Kingdom.