Oatly creates Chinese character to promote plant-based milk

Oatly has created a new Chinese character to promote its products and encourage Hong Kong people to go for plant-based milk.

The new character combines the element of “plant” and the Chinese character of “milk”, highlighting the features of this plant-based milk. The creation aims to spark a conversation about plant-based milk and help consumers rethink their milk consumption choices.

Oatly’s campaign includes point-of-sale in coffee shops and retail partners, print, OOH and digital advertising. Oatly will also be promoting its campaign at the Coffee Agenda and IRIS: Your Escape events on 19-22 April and 27-28 April at Central Harbourfront respectively.

“By promoting the benefits of plant-based milk as a more sustainable milk alternative, I am sure we can make the world a better world. We are not just doing this for our business, we’re doing this for the whole plant-based milk category,” said Toni Petersson, CEO of Oatly.

Oatly has also unveiled a study on Hong Kong people’s consumption of milk. According to the study, 96% of respondents said they associated cow’s milk with the word “milk” at first sight. However, on the contrary, only 2% of them thought of plant-based milk.

Also, 51% of respondents said there was no suitable alternative to cow’s milk in Hong Kong’s market. However, 73% said they would consider switching from cow’s milk to plant-based milk if they knew more about the benefits of plant-based milk to the human body and the environment.

Oatly aims to call for a change in consumption habits as 86% of Hong Kong people said information and education over plant-based milk were inadequate in Hong Kong.

“Our campaign in Europe and the US is driving real behavioural changes. Hong Kong people say they want more information and education about plant-based milk. We’re here to help and tell people where to find the right products,” Petersson concluded.