Oath Ad Platforms, solutions for marketers and publishers to drive growth

Oath has recently introduced Oath Ad Platforms, adding advanced features to drive growth for advertiser and publishers.

Oath Ad Platforms combines the best assets from BrightRoll, ONE by AOL and Yahoo Gemini into a set of solutions that makes it easier for advertisers and publishers to drive growth. The suite activates Oath’s trusted data, high-quality inventory, innovative ad experiences and industry-leading programmatic algorithms.

Additionally, the unified demand-side-platform (DSP) offers access to new native and connected TV inventory as well as unique ad formats. New features and functionality will be rolled out on an ongoing basis.

“Oath Ad Platforms is the culmination of years of experience creating world class advertising offerings powered by data and designed to build brands. We’ve combined the best assets from our trusted platforms with new functionality to drive meaningful results for advertisers and publishers. Oath Ad Platforms is another example of our longstanding commitment to innovation, providing a solution to today’s digital advertising challenges,” said Rico Chan, managing director of Oath Hong Kong.

Rose Yeung, marketing director of Ocean Park, said,” Ocean Park used programmatic advertising to promote Chill Out @ The South and achieved incredible results. With the help from the platform, the event’s cost per acquisition has lowered by 70%, and the F&B income has increased significantly as well.”

For marketers, the platform helps brands and agencies focus on what drives their business, including brand building and acquiring new business. Powered by a DSP, native marketplace, and exchanges, the platform provides advertisers with the tools and data they need to buy what they want and connect with consumers in intelligent ways.

The DSP activates Oath’s wealth of trusted, exclusive first-party data as well as partner data. It connects to over 40 global exchanges and offers access to brand-safe inventory across AOL, Yahoo and Oath’s other owned and operated properties. In addition to display and video inventory, DSP advertisers can now take advantage of new capabilities to target native and connected TV through the DSP to enhance their media strategies.

Oath’s machine-learning optimisation engine AdLearn is now available across the region and has increased performance by combining demand and supply data with predictive performance algorithms that connect the best ad with the right user and placement at scale. Leveraging machine-learning, Predictive Audiences analyse over one million dimensions to predict the purchase probability for each user.

The native marketplace allows marketers to feature their ads in a way people want to see them to drive greater engagement and effectiveness. Native inventory is available globally and search is available in the US. Precisely targeted, flexible in-stream formats help consumers discover, interact and transact with brands across Oath’s properties and quality partners. The platform includes Oath’s innovative ad experiences such as AR (available in selected markets), 3-Dimension (3D), Tiles and Mobile Moments as well as newly launched e-commerce formats Countdown, which allow consumers to jump on the hottest sales.

Last but not least, the supply-side-platform (SSP) & exchanges is a programmatic access to Oath’s inventory with controls helps ensure brand safety and limit fraud for today’s marketers, while creating access to exclusive audiences proven to perform.

For publishers, Oath Ad Platforms is a comprehensive solution suite with a focus on omnichannel, video and broadcast publishers, and app developers in alignment with its Flurry offering. The publisher toolset grants access to Oath’s high-quality advertisers through revenue and video management solutions, powered by data. With enhanced access to diversified monetisation options, plus customisation and controls, Oath empowers publishers to build experiences their customers will love. Oath continues to consolidate its supply suite and introduce new tools for publishers, including an Oath Ads SDK (software development kit) expected to roll out in 2019.

“Integrating marketing into digitisation has become the trend. Programmatic advertising enables advertisers to receive feedback from target customers immediately, making them put resources in more wisely,” concluded Jeremy Lo, general manager of Amnet Asia.


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