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Nuffnang introduces Insights

Shopping for a blogger?

Nuffnang and Group M have teamed up to create a comprehensive directory of top bloggers across Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand to help clients pick the best blogger for their brand. The goal of the service is to empower clients with the correct information to make informed decisions about which representative blogger best suits their brand, according to Joni Leimala, the chief strategy officer at Group M.

Called Nuffnang Insights, it is a central access point for clients to obtain information such as blogger profiles, blog statistics, reader profiles, past engagements as well as traffic statistics about the region’s top bloggers from various categories.

Bloggers are undeniably an influence on brands. The right bloggers connect brands with their targeted audiences with seeming ease.

“They are experts within their categories and their word is closely followed. Brands can now tap into the bloggers’ personalities, their blogging style and their following. Such information can be the difference between making or breaking a campaign,” Leimala says further.

Group M will enjoy exclusive access to Nuffnang Insights for the first month. This service will be made available to all agencies in early November.

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