NTUC Income uses sibling duo relations to illustrate 'me-first' approach in financial planning

NTUC Income's latest film, "Me First", tells the story of Denise and Derek, a sibling duo who lead their lives differently, especially when it comes to financial planning. The tension between them escalates due Denise’s somewhat questionable and self-serving behaviour, pulling the family apart over time. Derek initially thought that his sister only cared about herself and her money rather than the feelings of other family members. However, an unexpected family event reveals a lesson in the importance of planning’s one’s future, even if that goes against one’s obligations. The video ends with the sentence: "The best plan for your retirement is to start with Me-First". 

Done in collaboration with BBH Singapore, the campaign aims to encourage Singaporeans to put themselves first when it comes to planning their retirement. Janson Choo, group creative director at BBH Singapore, said that while some of the characters’ actions might appear extreme at times, they are not completely out of place in a society like Singapore. “The important lesson we wish to bring across here is that sometimes we have to look after ourselves first before looking after others,” he added.

In a study conducted by NTUC Income, 98% of Singaporeans agreed that there are times in life they would need to put themselves first, most commonly in the areas of personal health and finances. Similarly, in the area of financial planning, many agreed that it’s financially responsible to prioritise one’s personal finances, and that small actions accumulate over time to create a big positive impact for their future. The majority of Singaporeans (93%) believe that putting their financial needs first enables them to start planning earlier and better for their retirement.

Marcus Chew, CMO at NTUC Income, said that it felt Singaporeans are choosing to do what is popular or expected of them at a personal expense and wanted to better understand how people felt about putting themselves first since it’s a philosophy that runs against the grain in Singapore’s society. “Adopting a 'me-first' approach in our financial planning encourages one to first set aside enough for themselves before spending on other people and material things in life that are also important to them. This philosophy allows one to evaluate more carefully the reasons and motivation behind their current expenditure, and to assess if it can be better spent on securing a comfortable retirement in future,” he added. MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out to BBH for additional information.

NTUC Income also launched a film in 2019 that looked to end the "sandwich generation" cycle faced by Singaporean parents, as they are financially squeezed between supporting their parents and providing for their children. This has been dubbed as the cycle of filial piety and financial pressure. The film, titled "The Promise" centred around a young man pressured by his father for more allowance, a bigger car and higher expectations. 

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