NTUC Income taps on iconic song 'Semoga Bahagia' in Children's Day film

NTUC Income has unveiled a campaign in line with Children's Day this year, which seeks to encourage parents to safeguard themselves financially with a life insurance plan. Targeted at parents, the campaign is fronted by a film which features a mother and father singing iconic children's song "Semoga Bahagia" to their daughter as she goes through different life stages. Done in collaboration with BBH Singapore, the three-month long campaign launched on 1 October and will be shown on Singtel TV and in cinemas, along with social and digital channels.

The song "Semoga Bahagia", which translates into “May you achieve happiness”, was said to be originally conceived as an anthem to inspire young ones to be at their best always so they can ultimately be happy in life. In the context of the film, the song seeks to underline the parents’ wish for their daughter’s happiness.

According to a press release, the key insight for the campaign is that in today’s world, parents are placing greater emphasis on their children’s happiness. Although emotional and non-material factors are important, many significant contributors to a child’s happiness require a degree of financial expenditure. However, when faced with financial pressures, parents risk compromising their child’s happiness as they have to choose between necessities and nice-to-haves.

Additionally, the campaign idea was strengthened by a study commissioned by NTUC which revealed that 82% of parents agreed that money and financial stability are important to their child’s sense of security and happiness, especially when they are young and financially dependent. Yet 73% of parents also felt that they had no choice but to cut back on expenses linked to their child’s happiness if they are down with a critical illness and face a reduction in income. The online research, conducted by Nielsen, covered 611 parents aged 30-50 years old and 217 children aged 7-23 years old in September 2020.

Marcus Chew, CMO, Income, said: “The survey findings helped us to establish the relationship between financial security and a child’s happiness. In the event of a parent being diagnosed with a critical illness, children were most concerned about their parent’s ability to afford medical bills and not being able to spend quality time with them. In addition, a huge majority of the children surveyed were also concerned that their lifestyle and happiness would be impacted if their parents were not financially prepared for unexpected life events. The use of the song ‘Semoga Bahagia’ was a meaningful and nostalgic way to bring this message across to our audience.”

Janson Choo, group creative director, BBH Singapore, added: “One of the most satisfying things in my life as a parent is seeing my daughter
happy. And my biggest wish is to let that continue, even if there comes a day where I might not be able to provide for her. We hope ‘Semoga
Bahagia’ will help remind us of these simple truths in life and the importance of getting a protection plan.”

Earlier this year in February, when the COVID-19 pandemic was in its early stages, NTUC Income launched a campaign to communicate to its customers about the insurance company's travel insurance premium refund to customers who choose to cancel or defer trips due to the pandemic. Also done in collaboration with BBH Singapore, the campaign saw NTUC Income buying a full-page ad on Sunday Times and pushing out Carousel banners on its Facebook page.

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