NTUC Income gets Nas Daily on board to simplify insurance lingo

NTUC Income has partnered with Nas Daily, on Facebook, to feature front man Nuseir Yassin in its retirement campaign.

In a conversation with Marketing, Marcus Chew, chief marketing officer, NTUC Income said that the vlogger was chosen for his ability to explain complex issues through short yet "engaging" videos. Titled "Product Videos Made Simple", the campaign aims to drive awareness on Income's insurance products. Conceptualised by the in-house team in Income, the campaign will run from 8 October to mid-December 2018.

Chew said that the Nas Daily channel's style of content sharing will be able to provide a "cut-through" for the insurance brand and products. "Insurance and financial planning concepts can be challenging to grasp. Hence, we are constantly on a look out for refreshing ways to present these concepts and perspectives in clear and entertaining ways that resonate with the masses," he explained. He added that the campaign looks to break away from traditional means of product illustration and explain insurance by drawing “Uniquely Singapore” insights relate to Singaporeans.

The first video on its Facebook page, called "RevoRetire" revolves around the concept that Singaporeans have one of the longest life expectancy in the world. The spot has garnered over 23,000 views, 218 likes and over 300 shares. Income will launch a second video with Nas Daily on 1 November.

Nas Daily recently took over the hearts of many Singaporeans as he shared as many as six videos about Singapore in his one week's stay here. Yassin’s visit saw two brands – Changi Airport Group and Sports Hub – being thrust into the spotlight, with Changi Airport getting one entire video to itself and drawing five million views at the time of writing. Meanwhile, Sports Hub served as a backdrop to his highly publicised fan meet up, which drew around 3.6 million views in one week, at the time of writing.