NTUC FairPrice expands in-store ad solutions

NTUC FairPrice has expanded its partnership with shopperplus, a subsidiary company of shopper360- a Malaysian-based marketing and advertising solution provider. The partnership sees NTUC FairPrice granting shopperplus the rights to sell selected in-store shopper advertising and bring innovative shopper experiences for its NTUC FairPrice, Unity and Cheers retail stores.  Originally tasked with operating in 62 of its stores, NTUC FairPrice has expanded shopperplus’ remit to cover 376 stores nationwide, including 163 Cheers and 67 Unity stores, effective from 1 June 2020. According to a press release, this venture sees a renewed commitment from NTUC FairPrice to enhance its in-store shopper experience and offer advertisers a way to reach their shoppers and connect with them effectively.

NTUC FairPrice’s partnership with shopperplus began in October 2018. After a successful first phase, NTUC FairPrice has decided to further the partnership while expanding shopperplus' remit. Kelvin Tan, head of customer and marketing (retail business), FairPrice Group said in this age where Singaporeans are overwhelmed by an overload of choices and products on the shelves, it is imperative that brands are equipped with smarter, more seamless and customised solutions that catch shoppers at strategic touchpoints, especially at that critical purchase decision-making moment.

"Partnering with shopperplus has been an incredibly rewarding decision. Together, we have successfully evolved the in-store shopper experience at NTUC FairPrice with its comprehensive suite of shopper marketing solutions. We hope to not only expand this success to our Cheers and Unity stores, but to also continue to pioneer innovative shopper marketing," he added.

Chew Sue Ann, executive chairman of shopper360, said: “Today’s shopper has evolved, and in-store marketing with it. In order to connect effectively with shoppers, we need to cut through the clutter, leverage on insights in channel and shopper behavior to craft holistic strategies beyond just increasing visibility on shelves. Our mission is to partner with brands and retailer to elevate the shoppers’ shopping experience – whether by educating them, creating impactful engagement, building affinity and advocacy, or even changing behavior.”

Some of the advertising mediums shopper360 has introduced into NUTC FairPrice include the Video PosBanner, which allows video content to be played on a traditional banner; Shelf Attack, a six-screen advertising platform placed on shelves; as well as mini digital screens, which extends out from the shelf and displays content. According to shopper360's official website, Burger King, Spotify, and Universal Music, are some of shopperplus' clients.

Last month, NTUC FairPrice's rolled out its National Day campaign, which aimed to drive home the point of visible savings while raising awareness and driving traffic to FairPrice stores. The campaign was done in collaboration with Irisnation Singapore, Hogarth Worldwide, and Havas Media Singapore. It featured a social activation contest, in which contestants brought out their local identity by parading a homemade dish with their newfound skills that best represents Singapore. This came as FairPrice mentioned that nothing brings the community closer than celebrating what everyone is the proudest of- Singapore’s local food.

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