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From former beauty queen to cupcake shop founder, Jaime Teo has worn many hats in the span of her public career. She was crowned Miss Singapore Universe in 2001 and eventually ventured into music, where she sang for the Singapore National Day Parade in 2002.

Her music career also saw her debut as part of a five-member girl band, One-Fifth, in April 2003. Teo has also made her way onto the silver screen, starring in a variety of shows such as Mr Kiasu, I Not Stupid 2, Double Happiness and Switched.

Venturing online, Teo has over the years built a following based on her fitness and motherhood pursuits. Some of her most recent clients include L’Oreal, Dyson, Metro, 3M, DBS and Polar, to name a few.

Teo sits down with Marketing in this edition of Now following, to share how her journey as a social media influencer been so far and her views on the landscape.

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Marketing: When and how did you start out as an influencer?

This is interesting because I’ve never really thought of myself of an influencer, maybe more a cupcake baker or artiste? But I guess with the work I’ve been doing on social media, I might have to start embracing this new job designation!

Marketing: What is your “claim to fame?”

I think most people remember me as Miss Singapore Universe 2001 (this was way before being an influencer was a thing on social media!) or as a founder of Twelve Cupcakes.

Marketing: What do you do to strike a connection with your followers?

I think my content is quite diverse so they appeal to different groups of people. I mainly do my own thing and those who follow my social media account will share that they want to workout more like I do, or spend more time creating music or art.

Marketing: Which platform gives you the highest engagement with your readers?

Instagram, because that is the platform I update the most. Furthermore, pictures and videos speak a thousand words!

Marketing: What are some of the challenges of being an influencer in Singapore? Any outrageous demands?

I think it’s about being genuine with the products that you share or talk about. I do turn down jobs that don’t align with my lifestyle.

I am very thankful to Fly Entertainment because it makes sure I don’t have to worry or at least deal with any outrageous demands. But on social media, I get requests from followers to marry them or buy them things (both true stories both!).

Marketing: Favourite or memorable brand assignment?

I like sport-related brand assignments because they keep in tune with my lifestyle, so sharing those posts are not contrived as they are a genuine part of my life. It doesn’t feel like work at all!

It has been a collection of many memorable moments and jobs – I especially love jobs that have a mother-daughter theme (such as work I have done with Metro or Vichy) because they allow me to create and keep more memories for Renee (daughter) and I.

Marketing: What should clients take note of when engaging influencers?

Any direction that is too contrived is going to be a turnoff for followers.

So it’s better to give a brief with room for creativity for the influencer.

Marketing: What are some of your views on the influencer landscape locally and globally?

They are giving professional photographers, videographers, cinematographers a run for their money! Creating content everyday is no mean feat so I really give credit to influencers who continually find new ways to create and deliver fresh content.

Marketing: What’s next for you?

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get so keep honing your skills, keep healthy, keep learning and improving so that whatever comes, you are ready for it.

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