No longer doing the Dappan

Petronas has pulled its "Do the Dappan" Deepavali ad off its official YouTube page, following criticisms from the general public.

In its statement, Petronas said, "In all of our festive campaigns, it has always been Petronas' intention to help promote and inculcate the common underlying values from the diverse heritage, tradition and cultures that bring all Malaysians together."

According to The Star, Malaysia Hindu Sangam president R.S. Mohan Shan had written to Petronas chief executive officer Tan Sri Shamsul Azhar Abbas and the Information, Communications and Culture Ministry, requesting them to remove the video.

The ad, which had more than 130,000 views, is a part of the "Be the Light - A Celebration of Culture and Tradition" campaign, created to reach out to a greater number of Malaysians, carrying the core messages of positive attributes and values associated with the spirit and celebration of Deepavali.

The "Be the Light" Campaign, which runs from 5 to 25 November, comprises an exhibition, a series of television commercials/greetings featuring talents and personalities who have starred in its past festive ads as well as a series of Deepavali greetings/print ads in local newspapers.