NIVEA Micellar Art campaign: Not your average makeup removal ad?

NIVEA has launched a new campaign to promote its new line of micellar water products. The campaign targets female makeup users and involved influencers, online video and in-store promotions. Called “NIVEA Micellar Art”, the campaign featured two spots titled “Magenta Masquerade” and “Sapphire Visage”.

The spots showcase celebrity makeup artist Jeffrey Linus Lee using the micellar waters to create artistic designs on a NIVEA ambassador, Valnice Yek. This was by removing a large area of colour pigments using cotton buds and cotton pads soaked in the micellar water.

According to a press statement, the campaign runs from 1 September to 15 October 2017. Success will be measured via pick-up in sales for the new variants and total sales for the NIVEA Micellar Water products. The creative for the campaign was conceptualised in-house, with assistance from the brand’s media agency OMD.

“Sapphire Visage” garnered 237,955 views on YouTube at the time of writing. Meanwhile, “Magenta Masquerade” garnered 163,856 views at the time of writing. Watch the spots here:

The campaign was also promoted by local influencers Charlotte Lum and Khaw XinLin, who encouraged their followers to create their own artwork using NIVEA's micellar water products. Khaw was a former NIVEA ambassador during the 2015 time period.

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