Nippon Paint embraces AI in Paint New Happiness campaign

Nippon Paint has launched a new campaign named Paint New Happiness, which uses AI to connect with its consumers. This was done in partnership with consulting agency, Entropia.

The objective of the campaign was to overcome the traditional association of paints as a problem-solution product and position it as a highly personalised offering. The AI recommendation engine analysed multiple data points from a connected social account to develop a behavior-based profile. This profile was then used to create a life colour palette and virtual mood rooms from a colour library by Nippon Paint.

This resulted in an individualised palette that reflects the person’s life moments and significant events such as weddings, births, retirement, graduations, milestone birthdays or anniversaries.

“Data and technology has enabled us to understand consumers at a much deeper level. The AI tool analyses user preferences, life stages, and relationships to recommend the colour palette closest to their life in real time,” Alex Yoong, general manager of group marketing for Nippon Paint, said.

“Artificial Intelligence is going to aid and complement human creativity and decision making. By discerning patterns, preferences, and influences across five senses byte by byte, it is set to learn how to enhance human happiness,” Prashant Kumar, senior partner of Entropia, said.

“The Paint New Happiness AI tool, is one tiny step towards that bold new future. We feel good about this ground breaking initiative and are proud to be part of the Nippon Paint’s efforts to maintain market leader momentum," added Kumar.