Nike taps Rex Tso for 'Just Do It' film in anticipation of his 22nd game

The heat is rising as Hong Kongers start the countdown for professional boxer Rex Tso’s much-anticipated fight on 7 October, 2017.

Before making new headlines for his 22nd fight, Tso stars in Nike's latest “Just Do It” short film which aired on 28 September. Expect a wave of viral attention and inspirational cheers leading to the day of the momentous fight on 7 October when Tso faces his next opponent.

Directed by award-winning international film director Michael Mann, the 90-second long film reveals the emotional thoughts of Tso at the most critical moment in a fight. The message is clear and simple - win or lose, giving up is never a choice.

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Taking inspiration from this message comes the film’s tagline in all caps: “You can't guarantee a win, but you can guarantee a fight” (贏唔贏無人知,搏到盡我話事).

Often nicknamed "the wonder kid", his 21 consecutive victories record is a dream come true for him and is equally encouraging to athletes who embrace their passion and put all their efforts into creating miracles.

The film reveals the challenges and emotional state of mind Tso experiences as he takes a merciless blow, hits the ground recklessly and hears the referee’s countdown. Each breath he takes and his cuts to scenes of similar situations other athletes face and how they struggle to overcome those daunting moments.

When asked about what it meant for him to be featured in the local "Just Do It" film, Tso said he was grateful that Hong Kong athletes are finally gaining worldwide recognition. “I am touched and honored to be featured in it, and hope I’d be able to inspire other athletes to push boundaries they never thought possible,” he said.

In the campaign, Nike also teamed up with other local athletes including high jump champion Cecilia Yeung.