Nike HK features Rex Tso in new campaign

Nike HK has launched a campaign which features professional boxer Rex Tso after his announcement of pursuing his dream of representing Hong Kong at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after seven years as a professional. 

Tso’s inspiring story echoes with Nike’s “Dream Crazy” initiative to inspire Hong Kong's younger generation to believe in themselves and pursue their crazy dreams.“My dream of becoming a professional Hong Kong boxer was a crazy thing in the first place, it’s probably this madness and belief that has given me the tenacity to bring me to where I am today," Tso said. 

Nike has rolled out the latest “Nike - Dreamers: Rex Tso” film that looks back on Tso’s life as a professional boxer. The video told the story of Tso’s journey from a nobody to an icon of Hong Kong's boxing history as “the wonder kid” with his 22 straight victories.

Nike has launched an OOH domination zone at Island Beverley Shopping Mall at Causeway Bay; a front cover of four free newspapers; dominant formats of display, and online TV ads to deliver high reach and frequency for message viral. It has also leveraged Instagram to reach young audience.

In celebration of Tso’s “Crazy Dream” of  “Fighting for Hong Kong”, Nike HK will launch a new “Just Do It” tee in black and white colours. Until 31 December, upon purchase of one “Just Do It” tee, customers can get their own support quotes printed on the tee with the significant Kit Da Sketch font by local designer Kit Man. Fixed words such as “曹星如” (Rex Tso) and ”香港勁揪“ (Hong Kongers Smash) or maximum number of five characters can be selected for printing on the tee.

Client – Nike Hong Kong
Media Agency – Mindshare Hong Kong
Creative Agency – Wieden + Kennedy Portland, Secret Tour (HK) Limited, SOCIETY
PR Agency – Six Degrees PR