Nike China launches 'future' World Cup campaign where China is the greatest

The 2018 World Cup is over, but China had to watch it from the sidelines. The team has been trying its utmost to join the next edition, and Nike released a commercial to inspire young footballers to become the best.

Named "DARE TO BECOME", the commercial shows a future where the greatest is a Chinese player. Premier League powerhouse Manchester City recruits Chinese players, and England fans are in tears after realising that the national team is being drawn in a group with China.

Creative agency Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai believes that China could achieve a lot in the future. "We [Nike and W+K] saw this campaign as an opportunity to make a statement and start a conversation about football in China. This film is clearly on the side of the athletes who believe it can be. Because if no one is willing to imagine going there in their heads, they’ll never get there in real life," said Matt Skibiak and Dong Hao, creative directors of W+K.

The commercial has sparked a heated debate about the future of Chinese football. While some still refuse to believe in such a future, and see it as little more than a pipedream, many others have been inspired by this vision and applauded the boldness of its prediction. As regional rival Japan have reached the round of 16 at the World Cup, the commercial even added much fuel to the conversation.