Nielsen Hong Kong launches dashboard to analyse consumer behaviours

Nielsen Hong Kong has launched a new programme to help marketers and retailers tract data and review strategies in a more timely manner.

Aiming at enabling marketers to adopt a forward-looking approach by understanding how online and offline purchases perform across categories, the Omni Shopper Dynamic Dashboard equips marketers with the capabilities of understanding the transition in behaviours across categories, and how behavioural shifts impact retailers and retailer switching.

Consisting of a panel of 1,500 households, the Omni Shopper Dynamic Dashboard analyses 12 categories, namely frozen food, packaged food, dairy products, bakery, household products, toiletries and personal care, baby products, beverages, snacks and confectionery, pet care, cosmetic, and non-prescription medicine and health products.

In addition, it will provide insights in household consumption (by value, frequency, and unit), basket value and unit, penetration, source of value (by retailer or channel), share of wallet, shifting patterns among retailers, and price evolution.

By leveraging the dashboard, marketers can access the full picture of the growth of the online sector per category and track the impact of the current situation on online shopping behaviours at the same time. They can also optimise the marketing budget to articulate progressive strategies for their products with a thorough and broad overview of evolving consumer behaviours. 

More precise identification of consumer behaviours at each retailer, for each category, and how it impacts retailers' growth or decline is also offered as well. 

"Keeping abreast of the time, Nielsen Hong Kong has initiated this powerful and extensive Omni Shopper Dynamic Dashboard for marketers to be a step ahead to tackle the volatile situation with a true omni-channel overview," said Vaughan Ryan, managing director of consumer intelligence Asia at Nielsen.

"The new normal has forced consumers into different purchasing behaviours. Through this dashboard, marketers are able to understand these changes from switching trends between retailers to understanding what KPI’s contribute most to retailers' evolution so that they can adjust their strategies accordingly," he added.

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