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Nido launches special statement shirts for Mother’s Day

Nido Fortified launched a creative tribute this Mother’s day by letting moms wear their kids’ love – literally.

The Nestle brand partnered with local clothing company Bench Lifestyle to encourage thousands of kids to declare their heart-warming Mother’s day messages via customized shirts for the aptly named “Wear Your Love” campaign.

With the help of dads and other family members, kids answered the question “What makes your mom #1?” at the Nido website. Nido and Bench then picked the first 2,000 statements submitted and used them to create unique statement shirts.

Nido 2

“Mother’s Day is a great way to make wives and mothers feel how much they are loved and appreciated by her friends and family,” said Denise Chua, Nestle Philippines consumer marketing manager. “Beyond simply being unexpected, surprising a loved one has a long-lasting impact that leads to tighter emotional bonds with her whole family.”

Each personalized statement shirt will be placed in Nido Fortified-inspired cans which will be delivered to moms as surprise packages during Mother’s Day week.

Free “Wear Your Love” shirts may also be availed by purchasing specially marked packs of Nido fortified or Nido 3+ and redeemed at select Bench branches in Metro Manila.

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