Nick Fawbert’s Mutiny enters JV, launches Cadenza Communications

Digital marketing consultancy Mutiny Consulting has partnered with marketing industry investor James Ient to launch Cadenza Communications, a joint venture to delivering talent and business transformation in Asia.

As part of the joint venture, founder of Mutiny Asia Nick Fawbert (pictured) will helm the role of CEO alongside Ient, to leverage Mutiny's extensive marketing training library and extend the service into corporate and commercial development.

Cadenza Communications, which will formally launch in December 2017, is a full service talent and skills development company specialising in short form videos and e-learning platforms. It works with the HR platforms of exiting clients and source appropriate platforms from third parties. Cadenza utilises Mutiny Consulting's five-stage ADEPT framework, which provides clients the opportunity to align their internal talent, develop key skills, enhance internal knowledge sharing and improve talent performance and transform their approach to business, according to the press statement.

According to Fawbert, short form educational videos are efficient in reaching out to executives during "taxi time", moments when these individuals are able to take a breather from their busy schedule to review and explore new ideas. Also, video content is portable and is highly flexible and inexpensive since it can be viewed on any device at any time.

As such, Cadenza is launching in Singapore with the "Market Makers" short form video series, featuring interviews with senior industry thought leaders. Cadenza's clients will gain free access to the library, which will also be made available to companies and their talent to lay out their thoughts in broadcast quality video formats through their company platforms and social media presence.

"We'd kind of had enough of having to source internationally to get the insights and expertise of industry leaders. We were being limited by the quality of the output. We know that the expertise exists right here in Asia, because we meet exceptionally talented people every day. The only thing we didn't have was a high-quality production environment to showcase local content. So, we went out and built it ourselves," Fawbert said. He added that Cadenza works with subject matter experts to develop fresh, relevant and exciting content.

"[Self-paced e-learning investment] in the US and the UK benefits from substantial existing industrial bases that share both a language and more broadly a culture. This makes training content quick to source, build and monetise. In Asia we need to develop materials that more closely reflect regional requirements both in diverse languages and approaches to business. In general, overseas training companies in Asia do not flourish. We're set to meet that challenge with a local company and regional talent at the right price point," Fawbert said.

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