New programmatic journalism platform launches

Chargeads has launched The Newsroom,a programmatic journalism platform designed to enrich the content journey of users around the web. Headquartered in Singapore - Chargeads is a global technology company, helping publishers, advertisers and agencies trade more effectively over the programmatic infrastructure.

The  new offering allows publishers to build a unified view of the data, display, editorial and content recommendations inventory across all properties and devices. The platform allows publishers to step-in and put an end to the frequent trade-offs of the content recommendations space, eating into their data, pixel real-estate and credibility. Stories will automatically find their best inventory, sections and audiences and will only deliver for as long as they are relevant.

The platform has been in private beta with a selected number of publishers in Singapore, United States and South Africa - and is today becoming available in all markets with local Chargeads representation. The company has recently attracted top talent from Yahoo, Outbrain and Google, employing 30 people - the company has offices or representation in New York, Singapore, Bucharest, Cape Town and Madrid.

“We’ve made a conscious decision to create one single platform overseeing all assets, from the homepage headline, native placements, content recommendations, to the display and video ad inventory. We believe in an unified RTB auctioning for all touch points - whether the bidding parties are journalists, advertisers or external trusted publishers” Karen Bart - SVP at Chargeads, the company behind The Newsroom said.

The built-in DSP features connectivity to world’s largest supply sources - like Rubicon Project, Pubmatic, Google or the Yahoo exchange and empowers media sales teams to set up self-service or private-marketplace environments for display or native units, as well as extend their reach into billions of RTB enabled impressions.

(Photo courtesy: Shutterstock)