New payment tool for Malaysia tourists

MAA Group Sdn Bhd has launched Visit Malaysia Visa prepaid card, a new payment tool for tourists in the country.

With this new card, the tourists now have direct access to their funds.

According to The Star, tourists using the card can enjoy a secure debt-free option for cashless spending as well as discounts, coupled with 24-hour cash access at local and overseas ATMs.

However, MAA Group Bhd executive chairman Tunku Datuk Ya’acob Tunku Abdullah told the Star that the card was neither a credit nor debit card.

“So, foreign tourists do not need to undergo credit evaluations or link the card to their bank accounts. They can buy and top up the card before or during their stay in Malaysia. “The maximum card value is RM10,000 (S$3,900),” he said during the launch.

Features of the card include allowing tourists to ‘lock in’ the exchange rate during purchase and each time it is reloaded. The card also covers two-month travel personal accident insurance cover, PIN protection for cash withdrawals and balance checking facilities. Tourists can also enjoy discounts and rebate vouchers totalling RM500 from participating merchants in the starter pack.

To use this card, tourists are required to buy a starter pack worth RM40, fill up the attached application form and provide a copy of their passports upon registration.

According to Tunku Datuk Ya’acob Tunku Abdullah, the card can be topped up using any credit card or at all CIMB cash deposit machines, selected e-pay merchants and other designated reload channels.

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