New initiative launched to upskill retail industry in SG

A new initiative called the Job Redesign Place and Train Programme for Retail Industry has been launched to help retail workers upgrade their skills including skills such as digital marketing. According to a report on CNA, the move is part of ongoing Government efforts to help the industry in its transformation and 200 training slots will be available for the next two years.

The report also added that retailers will receive salary support of up to 70% for employees placed on the programme for up to three months. It added that WSG will work with retailers to customise their training plans.

On WSG’s website, the government body said that it has also jointly developed a programme with Enterprise Singapore to help retailers build a future-ready and productive workforce “in response to today’s growing digital economy.” This comes as consumers are seek unique and engaging shopping experiences that transit seamlessly, from offline to online, and vice versa, WSG said on its website.

Specifically, the new offering helps retailers go through three phases of job redesign:

  • Diagnose – Identify problem areas and define the job redesign plan;
  • Redesign – Select job redesign solution and create implementation and communications plans;
  • Implement – Deploy solution and measure outcomes.

“As retailers innovate and adopt technology to overcome disruption and meet evolving customer needs, it is equally important to relook job scopes and equip employees with the right skills to deliver an optimal retail experience. This includes automating repetitive tasks or redeploying existing employees to higher-value roles,” it said.