A new creative tool to help your Facebook ads

Allied APAC, a consolidated subsidiary of Allied Architects which offers social media marketing support for businesses, has developed a crowdsourcing service ReFUEL4 which specialises in Facebook advertising creation.

Allied APAC has signed a partner agreement with a Facebook preferred marketing developer program certified company called Nanigans and will start the service to the countries of the world.

ReFUEL4 is crowdsourcing service works to build creative ideas when it comes to Facebook advertising and helps companies who want to advertise on Facebook. This service allows company and creators to order/submit advertising creative work such as banner image and videos on the internet to optimise the Facebook advertising operation. The mechanism of ReFUEL4 is that when companies input Facebook Advertising size, budget, advertising plan, and color taste of the “offer”, the creators around the world will create the advertising banner and videos in listed condition to submit.

Without hiring the creators, companies can visualise and check the effectiveness like “which ad creative is producing what kind of effect” on the management screen. Also the service operates on a pay-per fee structure that the cost is generated according to the actual CTR in an attempt to reduce the time and cost required to optimize such creative. In addition, by registering to ReFUEL4, the creators will be free from the time and be able to get creative business around the world on the internet. This will lead to the creation of new business opportunities.

By being recognised as an official API Partners of Facebook advertising, Allied Asia Pacific is allowed to access the advertising data that Facebook Inc. holds, and this advertising API is used for developing ReFUEL4.

“Creative is of utmost importance to Facebook advertising success, and Allied’s solution offers an innovative and efficient tool for advertisers to frequently refresh and optimize their creative at scale,” Cyrille Even (pictured), Nanigans managing director, Asia said. “Nanigans and Allied share a commitment to developing powerful tools and technologies for advertisers; we look forward to continuing to work together as we extend our ad automation software more broadly in Asia.”

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