Italian brand firm finds G.O.D

Italian branding agency 1.618 Limited has partnered with Goods Of Desire Hong Kong to launch a brand revival program called “Brandnaissance”, with the aim of giving new life to Hong Kong brands.

The project aims to repackage fading local brands into signature Hong Kong collectibles. The agency kicks off the initiative with G.O.D as its first partner.

The collaboration with G.O.D has seen three rebranded products go on sale, including Wing Lee Wai’s Rose liquor, a book and Wu Xing (Chinese philosophy of five elements) poster set.

“With a full support from Douglas (Douglas Young, co-founder of G.O.D.), we see this collaboration as a first step for our strategic partnership to present Hong Kong’s sophisticated products and images to international audience,” said Jian Luca Cinquepalmi, managing director of 1.618 Limited.

He said the concept of conserving and repackaging local heritage and to promote Hong Kong’s culture to overseas shares the same DNA with G.O.D.

1.618 Limited is a Milan-based branding and strategic design agency that branched out to Hong Kong three years ago serving some well-known brands including Ferrari, Ferrero Kinder and UPS.

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