New app to predict why a video goes viral

Is your video LOL or WTF or Kawaii?

These are some of the “triggers” new online app TubeRank attributes to a video’s success. This latest digital tool by Rubber Republic, the London-based creative agency behind viral hits like “Bodyform Responds: The Truth” and Fiat’s “Welcome to The Motherhood”, combines meta data with YouTube video content to show why a piece of viral content was shared, who shared it and how many times.

The app ranks a video around the people who shared content – communities of interests - and why they shared it – conversation triggers: first, it sources videos from RSS feeds and key online influencers from blogs and Twitter. Then, it adds a third layer of social data (share and sentimental data).

These, combined with triggers – such as the aforementioned LOL (humour factor), WTF (outrageousness) and Kawaii (cute) – as well as interest topics, give a scientific explanation to past viral videos whereby content creators can take inspiration.

For each specific search, TubeRank provides custom benchmarking data, tips and insight to build a viral strategy; each video also reveals a share-to-view ratio, whereby the lower the ratio, the higher percentage of viewers have shared the clip.

Fiat’s "Welcome to The Motherhood” video, for example, grabbed more than three million YouTube views in the past month. TubeRank claims its success on LOL (humour) and WTF (element of surprise) factors and by getting through to communities who are concerned about parenting and automotive.

To date, the Fiat clip’s share-to-view ratio is 1:24, meaning that one in every 24 people watch it has shared it.