Neutrogena explores the true value of beauty

Neutrogena has launched a new media campaign 堅持! 跑出亮麗人生 (Keep it up for a brighter you), inspiring Hong Kong women to be persistent on pursuing a brighter life, with a core message – true beauty comes from within.

Inspired by Neutrogena’s latest whitening products, the video tells the bitter story about the upbringing of Taiwan model 歐陽靖 (GinOy) and how she got back on her feet from depression and anorexia with the help of therapy, in an effort to enlighten women that persistence is the key to success a brighter life.

The campaign was developed by OMD Hong Kong in collaboration with production house NM+ and Neutrogena in-house team.

Storytelling is believed to be an effective way to engage target consumers and general public on spreading a positive brand message, as Edith Poon, group brand manager of Neutrogena, told Marketing.

“The story based on the experience of a real-life character GinOy, admired by women in public for her determination to transform from a 72kg fat girl suffering from depression into a signature marathon runner in Taiwan,” said Poon.

Apart from YouTube, the digital hub to viral the video, the campaign also include a dedicated platform on the label’s Facebook page to boost engagement with local women, where users are encouraged to share their encouragement messages to further spread the positive energy.

Cindy Chan, brand manager of Neutrogena, added: “As the social insight of keeping persistence for continuous improvement, the campaign ties perfectly with the product concept of our latest Fine Fairness new product launch which breaks the ‘inertia’ factors that slow down the whitening progress, and our products able to deliver continuous brightening effects.”

“We hope to create a hook between Gin’s story and our products, inspire women to persist in both skin and personal transformations, and educate consumers to pursue total beauty from inside to outside,” she added.

Client: Neutrogena
Group brand manager: Edith Poon
Brand manager: Cindy Chan

Media agency: OMD
Business director: Louise Woo
Senior communication strategist: Jasmine Wong
Communication planner: Augustin Chan
Group head: Christina Yu
Digital planner: Katie Cheung

Production partner: NM+
Project director of multimedia content: Chris Choi

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