Neurum Health rolls out Clara, an AI-enhanced wellness app

Hong Kong-based health tech company Neurum Health has rolled out AI wellness app Clara, offering personalised solutions to help maintain users' health and quality of life.

The app is capable of learning about its users through their input, utilising AI learning to pick up micro-signals from their habits and state of well-being without constant manual input. Users can also integrate data from personal fitness trackers and devices into Clara to get a holistic view of their lifestyle and manage their well-being in a more personalised way.

By examining environmental and contextual information such as time of day, weather, sleep or exercise levels, Clara can recognise trigger patterns and proactively recommend bespoke educational content and exercises to users.

“Behavioural health, that is the well-being of the mind and lifestyle habits, is more important than ever as the line between work and personal life becomes increasingly blurred with work-from-home policies and city-wide lockdowns," said Megan Lam, co-founder and CEO of Neurum Health.

"Therefore, it should be prioritised in corporate strategies in order to retain a thriving workforce. We then built the app specifically for enterprises to foster healthy minds and habits for each and every one of their unique employees," Lam added.

For employers, Neurum Health and its specialised consultants also provide tailored workshops by using their organisations' own wellness data from Clara to measure well-being initiatives, employee engagement, and ensure the most important asset of a company feels heard.

Neurum Health said Clara has amassed over 100,000 users from AXA, Swire, New World Development, and PALO IT. As for regional expansion, Clara is available in China, Singapore, and Vietnam.

“Clara is unique because its aggregated, anonymised, and non-identifiable data paints an insightful picture for employers to devise better initiatives and corporate strategies for their workforce,” said Caleb Chiu, Co-Founder and CTO of Neurum Health.