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Netflix set to provide video and movie content in Malaysia

The Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX) is reportedly finalising a deal with Netflix to provide its video and movie content in Malaysia by end of August, according to Bernama.

MyIX’s chairman Chiew Kok Hin said it hopes the deal is able to attract other international players to Malaysia in the future, as the country works on positioning itself as a regional Internet exchange gateway.

Chiew added the deal will also serve to pave way for the country to become a content hub, with neighbouring Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia obtain content from Malaysia at a nominal fee. Apart from Indonesia, Chiew said it hopes to also attract countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, to make Malaysia their content hub.

“It will bring the content nearer to us, and neighbouring countries will not only save cost but also improve on content quality,” he told Bernama.

MyIX is a non-profit organisation and the first neutral Internet Exchange where local Internet Service Providers and content providers connect to exchange Internet traffic, said its official website.


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