Netccentric CEO and co-founder Cheo Ming Shen steps down

Netccentric CEO Cheo Ming Shen (pictured) has stepped down from his current position as CEO, effective immediately, according to an ASX listing. He will remain on the board of the company as a non-executive director.

Current regional director Yang Huiwen will act as Interim CEO. Meanwhile, the company’s board of directors will work closely with Netccentric's executive team. An internal and external process to engage a new CEO will commence immediately, the announcement read.

Cheo co-founded Netccentric in August 2006 with co-founder Timothy Tiah, who left the company in November 2016 last year. During his tenure, Cheo was responsible for pioneering the first core suite of businesses for the company and boosting Netccentric’s position as a global market leader for social media influencers in the region.

"Spearheading Netccentric's vision as a leading social media company has been the primary goal of my career. I am proud to have worked alongside my executive team to flesh out this vision. However, significant shareholders in the company have envisaged a new direction for Netccentric, and as such I have decided to step down to allow them to achieve their new objectives,” Cheo said.

“Cheo has ignited the organization with his passion and vision, setting strong foundations for the company’s future,” Martyn Thomas, board chairman of Netccentric, said.

Image credit: Netccentric Facebook