Nestle strips its baristas naked for latest campaign [VIDEO]

How do you like your morning coffee? Well Nestle thinks you like it naked ... and of course with a dash of its coffee-mate.

For its latest campaign promoting Nestlé’s Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss, the company decided to strip a bunch of barista’s down to their nitty-gritty to sell consumers coffee.

Nestle, along with its agency 360i, took over the a coffee joint in New York and placed baristas who wore nothing but body paint. The campaign video opens with a witty pun saying, “How would you react if your typical morning coffee was anything butt?”

Coffee enthusiasts are undoubtedly greeted with an awkward surprise and watch in awe as baristas explain the “all natural” ingredients of Nestlé’s Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss. The ads are currently running online on social channels such as Facebook and YouTube and with the hashtag #NaturalBlissCafé.

Enjoy your morning coffee guys:

Yum - the coffee I mean.