Nespresso gets George Clooney a new sidekick

Coffee maker brand Nespresso teamed up once again with Hollywood star George Clooney to introduce yet another ‘Nespresso. What Else?’ commercial.

This time, Nespresso has cast a new leading man to star alongside Clooney for its latest communication campaign. Playing himself in the 10th episode of the advertising saga, is comedian Jack Black, bringing a twist to the latest installment.

The new Nespresso advert playfully explores the concept ‘What Else?’, provoking viewers to consider the unparalleled unique qualities that Nespresso offers to make every coffee moment incomparable.

On the terrace of a stunning Italian villa on Lake Como in Italy, Clooney is pouring himself a cup of Nespresso coffee. Just as the coffee is ready, a hand appears and takes the cup. It is none other than Black who saunters over to an attractive female and promptly attempts to win her affections by trying to use Clooney’s infamous ‘What Else?’ line.

Oblivious, Jack gets the phrase wrong and George steps in to educate him. Later, Black experiences a moment of epiphany, as he starts to understand the incomparable difference that Nespresso offers, and as the meaning of ‘What Else?’ dawns on him.

The video officially launches on 29 October and 1 November in Singapore.

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