Nescafe most popular FMCG brand in PH

Nescafe is chosen by more Filipinos than any other FMCG brand in the Philippines, according to a new global poll from Kantar Worldpanel.

The WPP-owned research firm's first "Brand Footprint Rankings" listed the "most chosen" FMCG brands across 32 countries based on Consumer Reach Points, a new metric about a brand's strength based on how many shoppers are buying it and how often.

Nestlé's instant coffee brand is the most bought FMCG brand in the Philippines, chosen by 985 million times a year by more than half of the population. It has a high penetration rate of 94.3% and bought purchased by households 54 times per year on average.

Aside from laundry detergent brand Surf, which is at the third spot with 538 million points, the top five are food or beverage brands. Instant-noodle brand Lucky Me is behind Nescafe with 957 million points, Chocolate-malt drink Milo at fourth place with 497 million points while seasoning brand Ajinomoto is at fifth place with 459 million points.

Completing the poll are Bear Brand (6), Palmolive (7), Silver Swan (8), snack food Oishi (9) and Safeguard (10). Lucky Me, Silver Swan and Oishi are the only locally-owned brand in the Philippine poll, indicating a growing preference for global brands.

Asian and global results

Reaching 2 billion people, Colgate reigns supreme among FMCG brands in the region, which Kantar said is due to excellent urban and rural availability and selling smaller, affordable pack sizes.

Personal care products filled the top five spots in the poll, except for Nescafe which also won third spot with 1,464 billion points. Lifebuoy is at second place with 1,732 billion points, Pantene at fourth place with 1,150 billion points and Lux with 856 million points.

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola led the global version of the study, chosen 5.3 billion times a year by 43.9% of the world's population. Colgate (2) is the only brand to reach more than half of the world's population (63 per cent) with its products.

Unilever is the leading manufacturer, placing 15 brands in the Top 50 followed by Procter & Gamble (P&G) with eight, PepsiCo with five and The Coca-Cola Company with four. There are 18 different manufacturers in the Top 50.