NEA warns ‘bros’ of non-smoking fines

National Environment Agency has created a new campaign to highlight the new designated smoke free zones in Singapore, warning smokers of possible fines for smoking in the area.

The campaign, created by BBH APAC, depicts a concerned character that pops up from nowhere, just when a fellow ‘bro’ is about to light up in a newly designated smoke – free zone. He then breaks into an animated shout: “BRO! BRO! BRO! BRO!”, warning smokers that they are about to break the law and be slapped with a fine.

The campaign targets the youths and runs for a period of two months. Carat handled media buys and the overall campaign will also run online and on cinema. The campaign includes a microsite that allows the public to email or SMS a smoker with a friendly automated message listing the various areas covered under the new smoking ban extension.

The NEA’s overall campaign philosophy is to have everyone share in the responsibility towards creating cleaner air to benefit all.

BBH was appointed last October after a 17-way pitch for its Smoking Ban publicity campaign. The awarded value of the tender is understood to be worth close to SG$1.5million. The campaign is the fourth extension of the government’s drive to raise awareness of the new areas that will come under the smoking ban.

The new smoke free zones include the common areas of all residential buildings such as corridors, staircases, void decks, covered walkways, overhead pedestrian bridges, within five metres of bus shelters and hospital outdoor compounds.

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