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NBCUniversal refreshes its Style

The channels division of NBCUniversal, International Television has refreshed The Style Network’s brand, looking to attract advertisers.

The Style Network is targeting luxury and lifestyle brands, electronics and FMCG brands as advertisers wishing to engage the female pay-TV audience.

“Advertisers can expect a bold new look of a female-friendly channel and increased slate of shows,” a spokesperson from the channel added.

The refreshed channel logo will be launched in phases.

Already rolled out in markets such as North America and Australia, the new look will reach Southeast Asia next month onwards.

Under the new tagline “Watch It. Love It. Style It.” the channel aims to offer more original content. The Style circle logo is now replaced with a classic midnight blue typeface accented by a splash of light blue.

Christine Fellowes, managing director, Universal Networks International, Asia Pacific, said with a a bold new on-air look and a versatile new logo, “the refreshed channel is current, passionate, glossy and an approachable authority on all things ‘style’.”

Last year, NBCUniversal launched the NBCUniversal Truth campaign, in Asia which highlighted facts about the contemporary Asian woman and her lifestyle. The campaign targeted at advertisers to reinforce the message that it is integral for marketers to connect with women.

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