NBCU locks Olympics TV rights until 2032

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has handed NBCUniversal (NBCU) the broadcast rights in the USA for the Olympic Games up until 2032.

NBCU has acquired the broadcast rights across all media platforms, including free-to-air television, subscription television, internet and mobile. The agreement is from 2021 to 2032 and is valued at US$ 7.65 billion. There is also an additional US$ 100 million signing bonus to be used for the promotion of Olympism and the Olympic values between 2015 and 2020.

NBCU, which in 2011 had acquired the right to broadcast the Olympic Games until 2020, will now broadcast every Olympic Games through to 2032. In addition, NBCU also has acquired the broadcast rights for every edition of the Youth Olympic Games through to 2032.

IOC president Thomas Bach, who led the negotiations, said the agreement helps to ensure the Olympic Movement’s financial security in the long term, in particular future host cities of the Olympic Games, the athletes of the 204 National Olympic Committees and the International Sports Federations.

The IOC distributes more than 90% of the revenue it generates to support the International Sports Federations; the 204 National Olympic Committees and their Olympic teams; and the organising committees of each Olympic Games.

“The IOC has worked in close partnership with NBC for many decades, and we are thrilled we will continue to work with them through to 2032. NBC’s expertise in sports broadcasting, as well as its passion for the Olympic values, will mean we shall be able continue to offer first-class broadcast coverage of the Olympic Games to the widest possible American audience for many years to come,” he added.

Steve Burke, CEO, NBCUniversal, added that the Olympics are part of the fabric of the company, and the announcement “guarantees that this massively popular and profitable programming will continue to air every two years on the broadcast, cable, digital and mobile platforms of NBCUniversal for the next two decades.”

Brian Roberts, chairman and CEO, Comcast Corporation said: “Our long-term commitment to and investment in the Olympic Movement are a reflection of our belief in the future of broadcast television, as well as our confidence that our partners at the IOC will continue to deliver great Games and that the Olympics will remain the world’s premier sports event.”