National Gallery takes issues Singaporeans care about and turns it into art

National Gallery Singapore and Havas Singapore have launched a data-driven campaign titled ‘Art Speaks Out’. The data-driven art movement is to make art more relatable and accessible to Singaporeans. The campaign was inspired by subject matters that Singaporeans have been vocal on −  matters as mental health, stress and speed of change in Singapore – and transform them into works of art.

Havas Group Singapore’s social media unit – Socialyse – deep-dived into the data along with Twitter and Brandwatch to unearth the topics Singaporeans are vocal on in the online sphere. Inspired by the topics and driven to play a part in society, five local artists expressed their perspectives on the subject matter through their artworks, which were manifested into a digital OOH campaign in partnership with Clear Channel.

Call-to-action from the OOH sites are driving people to the website to learn more about this movement. Alexander Lim, creative director at Havas Singapore said, “This campaign enabled us to showcase how data and creativity can be blended together to deliver impact and inspire meaningful change."

"Creativity combined with data-led insights is a powerful means of producing work that is relevant and useful, while OOH is a medium that allowed us to create a larger resonance and connect with the people of Singapore. There is no better way than art to surround people with beauty, colour, a different point-of-view and we hope that the campaign allows artists and members of the public to engage in a dialogue that inspires fresh perspectives,” Lim added.