Nando's campaign pushes locals to express themselves

A recent survey by Nando’s conducted among 500 people living in Singapore show that fewer than half of the respondents feel they are able to express themselves freely. The main reason for this lack of forthrightness is that people feel “nothing will change anyway”.

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To encourage members of the public to air their views, or simply say things they have always wished to, Nando’s will be running its campaign “Just Say Lah” from 15 November 2013 to 31 January 2014.

The campaign will be executed online via the “Just Say Lah” microsite, all Nando’s restaurants and a six-week series of on-ground activations. Meanwhile, “Just Say Lah” postcards will be made available at all Nando’s Singapore restaurants.

As part of the campaign Singapore funnymen Hossan Leong and Benjamin ‘Mr. Miyagi’ Lee, have also created a video that will be aired on the campaign microsite. Members of the public will also be able to upload and vote for their favourite “Just Say Lah” declarations to win various gifts.

The survey, which Nando's conducted, showed that the following places are listed as the least conducive environment for honest feedback among those who tend to clam up -Their workplace (40%), their home (25%) and their school (22%).

Meanwhile at the workplace, it was found that 36% of employees will not ask for a promotion or pay rise even if they feel they deserve it while 33% of employees feel that they do not receive adequate acknowledgement or appreciation for the effort they put in.

Fear of embarrassment or backlash for comments are also reasons why these individuals do not speak up.