Naga DDB Tribal unveils NagaAIR to be April Fools' hoax

Naga DDB Tribal has unveiled that NagaAIR, a clunky chatbot, is in fact an April Fools' hoax. The stunt carried out via Facebook, demonstrates that despite all the data rage real communications solutions cannot exist without human mediation.

The stunt goes on to show how much of a difference human insights brings to a highly data-driven world. Kristian Lee, CEO of Naga DDB Tribal, said: “We believe data and technology should work in tandem with human sense and intuition to maximise originality and evoke true emotional resonance.”

To further explain, Naga’s general manager, Clarence Koh said “We provide an extensive range of services with cutting-edge methodologies, but one thing we promise is fortify newfound technologies with the power of the human touch.”

In the earlier post, Koh had said by adopting AI into the agency, Naga is "pushing boundaries by eliminating the industry’s dependency on humans. Ultimately, it will lead to leaner, tighter briefs and a much shorter turnaround period by putting machines to the fore for the very first time in our line of work.”

So no, machines cannot simply take over the world of creativity.