MyRepublic and Seedly create their own snide 'open letters'

Jumping on the "open letter" hype (first started by Circles.Life and further carried on by Zero Mobile) are telco MyRepublic and finance management platform Seedly.

While MyRepublic didn't directly jump into the telco conversation, the telco that turns one this year, combined the Avengers: Endgame hype with the "open letter" style and took to its Facebook page to remind users to not spoil the movie for others.

It added, "It's an emotionally trying time for some people. Also more importantly, remember no spoilers. Thanos still demands our silence." The letter also talked about how the Marvel cinematic universe began 11 years and said Avengers: Endgame is "arguably a once-in-a-generation" event.

Seedly hits back 

Meanwhile, Seedly called out all the telcos in Singapore to act on customers' feedback on its services instead of "wasting time and money on ads and bickers". It took a bolder stance on the matter, tagging Circles.Life, Zero Mobile, Singtel, StarHub, M1 while including MyRepublic and TPG Telecom on the caption, and said:

"To all our friends in purple, red, green, orange, black. It's great that ALL of you are encouraging us to break free of meh and go out more often, say hello to change and explore zero limits, to join your circle and that you're for us... But seriously, we don't care if you're digital, MVNO, LMFAO, or even if you're a new player from Down Under."

Seedly added that it collects user reviews and only cares that telcos listen and that it listens to customers. It also requested telcos to have a look at those reviews and see what customers have to say about the overall customer service, network reliability, and most importantly, price.

Seedly also asked that the telcos to act on it after viewing the reviews. "Don't waste time (and money) taking out ads on newspapers and bickering like little children. When you can focus on making sure our voices are heard."

The brand hopes the telcos continue to put customers first, ending the letter off with a snipe at NUS and the recent peeping Tom incident. "Because unlike NUS, we're not giving you the luxury of a second strike policy before you're out."