myBurgerLab trolls Neelofa's new 'Muslim-friendly' slipper with Drake meme

Neelofa recently baffled netizens with her "Muslim-friendly" slippers launched in collaboration with sandal dealer Fipper. Known as Fipper x The Noor, Neelofa's Instagram Stories showed one of the slippers' USPs to be Muslim-friendly. While Neelofa's Instagram Story has since disappeared, screenshots of it are currently circulating online. Seeing an opportunity, myBurgerLab decided to have a little fun and teased the new collaboration with the famous "Hotline Bling" meme of Drake. 

For the uninitiated, the meme compares something one dislikes to something one likes. In this case, Drake disliked the Fipper x The Noor slipper while he approved of myBurgerLab's burger. The Facebook post added: "Muslim-friendly since 2012". At the time of writing, the post had 331 reactions, 11 comments and 22 shares, with sentiments being mainly positive. MyBurgerLab's co-founder Chin Renyi told A+M that the team thought it was funny to poke fun at the slipper, which has become one of the trending topics over the past few days. 

Since the launch on 5 April, Neelofa has been criticised by netizens for exploiting religion for commercial gains, especially since a pair of slippers are priced at RM79.90. According to Fipper's website, the slippers are touted to be unisex, in accordance with street style, has adequate cushioning and is light-weight. A+M has reached out to Neelofa for comment.

Separately, Fipper issued a statement on its Instagram to explain the "Muslim-friendly" issue that has been trending on social media. It explained that Fipper x The Noor products are suitable for Muslim women who wear socks unlike its previous products. "The Fipper would like to apologise for the confusion caused," it added. The post had 447 likes at the time of writing and comments have been disabled. 

Meanwhile, political graphic designer Fahmi Reza also poked fun at Neelofa's new product in a Facebook post, which showed a pair of purple slippers with the letters "Bo" on the right foot and "do" on the left. Each slipper also has a pair of eyes and at first glance resembles an individual in a niqab. In another effort to troll the Malaysian influencer, Fahmi also added similar USPs to his slippers: lightweight, soft protection, sole suction cut design, and Muslim-friendly. 

His post had 4.6k reactions, 580 comments and 995 shares at the time of writing, with several netizens appreciating the joke. One netizen said he sells Takaful insurance which is very Muslim-friendly and urged individuals to contact him. Meanwhile, another asked if the slippers are afterlife-friendly, while one netizen also mocked the brand by saying the individual who previously sold hijabs at nightclubs is now selling Muslim-friendly slippers.  

In 2018, Neelofa was criticised for launching her Naelofar Hijab collection at the Zouk Malaysia club. While Neelofa later apologised for the controversy, adding that all cultural and religious sensitivities will be considered for future events, netizens disapproved of her launching something as religious as the hijab at a night club.

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