MY shoppers willing to go the distance, signalling opportunities for retail marketers

It is down to the final quarter, the busiest time of the year for retailers. For marketers, sales periods around the corner such as Black Friday, 12.12, and Christmas are great opportunities to attract new customers and gain loyalty from existing ones. Here are some insights on the Malaysian audience from 2018 that can come in handy.

According to Malaysia-based transport platform Waze, Malaysian shoppers are willing to go the distance. They are on the road a lot more in the final months of the year. Between November and December 2018, Malaysians made almost 21 million navigations to retail places on Waze.

There is also hope for retailers with less-than-ideal store locations. A global survey conducted by pooled data from Ipsos/Google Holiday Study and Waze internal data found that 77% of consumers said they would be willing to drive long distances for a compelling offer or sale. About 35% said they would even drive as far as 40km for that offer that is out of their way.

There was also a 29% spike in drives in the months of November and December versus August and September. Most of them were heading to shopping centres (43%), gas stations (28%) and fast-food restaurants (18%). There were 2.8 million navigations on Waze made to gas stations in Malaysia. This signals an opportunity for retailers to plan marketing campaigns and purchasing experiences around customers’ journeys to drive footfall to their stores.

Additionally, findings show that Malaysians love their food, and they like it fast. In December 2018, 8.9 million Waze navigations were made to food-related locations. There was a 29% increase in navigations to fast-food outlets from November to December. Fast-food businesses can craft out a strategy to ensure that they are discoverable along travel routes to increase sales, said Waze.

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